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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 00:12

The Jewish National Fund of Russia jointly with the State educational institution, Educational Centre “School of Health” № 1858, located in Kapotnya neighborhood, Moscow, have organized a lecture center for teachers, immigrants’ children and their parents to help the migrants, who commonly faced to difficulties adapting to a new life conditions.

Recently, the lecture center has been opened.  The best experts on the tolerance development, on the problems of population shift and others will get involved in its work.

The first session was held by the high-school graduates. Professor of Social Pedagogics department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, Svetlana Zhundrikova told the graduates of the fundamentals of the migration policy in Russia, about the problems of social adaptation and ways of supporting migrant children. The final part of the meeting was interactive; boys and girls clearly concerned with this issue took an active part.

In conclusion, Professor Zhundrikova gave to the pedagogical staff and the parents’ committee several copies of her author's tutorials, and Director of the State educational institution, the Educational Centre “School of Health” № 1858 Vladimir Streltsov thanked the speaker and Chairman of the Board of the JNF of Russia Vladimir Shternfeld for useful and interesting meeting. The Lecture center goes on its work.

Irina Matiushina, a teacher of school № 1858

Prof. Svetlana Zhundrikova gives a lecture

Prof. Svetlana Zhundrikova gives a lecture