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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 01:09

Readers of "Kaleidoscope" know that in Israel on the Judean Hills near the city of Jerusalem, the garden of Russia has appeared. This is evidenced by the Certificate issued to us by the Israeli Fund Keren Kayemet Leisrael. But the garden is yet impossible to see. It is a virtual one.

Seedlings were planted, but the place is not marked. To become the garden a reality, much is to be done: to make a convenient driveway for cars, lay on water supply, arrange resting areas, equip children's playgrounds, pave sidewalks, etc., etc.

This will require not only time consuming, but considerable effort and financial investments. The Fund Board is looking for a sponsor who would help make the dream a reality. Sure, such a person will appear. Sooner or later!

The 110 year history of the KKL-JNF shows that the general sponsor for all the ideas of the Fund is the Jewish people itself. Approaching is Tu bi-Shvat of the year 5771. We will celebrate the New Year of the Trees on January 20, 2011. We appeal to all communities and organizations, individuals and legal entities. Make a donation to the JNF, and you will receive a Certificate, eloquently speaking, that in the ancient Land of Israel in the Garden of Russia you will be growing your own tree!

Virtual Garden Will be Real!