Joyful children’s Purim celebration. Holiday in Ryazan | Print |
Friday, 11 May 2012 16:56

Our Fund supports projects dealing with children in communities and organizations. Recently children’s Purim celebration was held in one of the cozy children’s cafes. Its participants – children from Sunday school and family support center affiliated to Ryazan city Chesed.

Organizers and facilitators of the holiday, Lyudmila and Nadezhda Chudnovskiye, prepared a fascinating program. In the spotlight was a pantomime with music depicting events from Megillat Esther performed by children. Their speechless performances were repeatedly interrupted by applause of the audience. Their costumes pointed to creativity and rich imagination of children and their parents. Children of pre-school age also had things to do – they acted as little cooks making gomentash.

Guests brought home-made sweets and treated everyone. It was a true parade of culinary surprises! Then followed a beauty contest where the best Esther was chosen. The holiday ended in fancy-dress dances accompanied by joyous Jewish songs.

Both children and their parents will long remember the celebration!