Forests of Israel will grow thanks to Cossacks, Tatars and Tadjiks from Russia | Print |
Friday, 05 October 2012 09:57

Recently a special purpose gift was donated to Renaissance of Traditions Fund «Jewish National Fund» (in Russia). This was money collected in Udmurtia.  That money is intended for planting trees in Israel to commemorate Holocaust victims. Funds were raised both among Jews and among Russians, Belarusians, Tatars, Tadjiks, Armenians, Udmurts and other ethnic and cultural organizations of the republic. Ten different ethnic and cultural organizations and communities of Udmurtia responded to the call from Jewish community to commemorate innocent Holocaust victims.

One of the Fund’s goals lies in enhancing better understanding between Jews and other nations. «Material support certainly matters, yet friendship and joined efforts of people of different ethnic and religious traditions for the sake of good things is far more important. This, in our opinion, ensures us against Catastrophes similar to the one that happened to Jewish people during World War II» - wrote Vladimir Sternfeld, Chairman of the Board of the Fund and Chief Rabbi of Russia Adolf Shayevich in a thank you letter to leaders of Udmurtia organizations having participated in fundraising.

Director of the Fund Rafael Feinberg said that leadership of the Fund welcomes the participation of people of different nationalities and faiths in its projects.  Some projects are oriented towards Israel, others are implemented in Russia.  Recently, for instance, an apple-tree alley was planted in Yaroslavl Park of city’s 1000th anniversary with the money of JNF Fund. A lot of efforts and funds are invested in projects aimed to improve health and to develop national identity of Jewish children; as well as in ecological projects. The experience accumulated by JNF of Russia helps organize such work.

Another large project being agreed now is making of a Park of Russia in Israel, and making of a Park of Israel in Moscow, accordingly. «The project requires considerable expenses and extensive organizational efforts, but we hope to solve all the issues» - believes Vladimir Sternfeld, Chairman of the Board of the Fund.