«When you enter the Land, plant fruit-bearing trees in it», is written in the Torah. Planting a tree in the Holy Land was always considered not only charity, but also help to Erets Israel.

Our Fund suggests also to you to plant a tree in the State of Israel. Please address to us and we will tell you how you can do that. In a couple of weeks you will receive a colorful Certificate confirming that in the ancient Land of Israel your own tree is growing.

Please pay attention:

  • The sum transferred to the Fund has the status and a special-purpose designation of a charitable payment. The payment can be made both by one person and by a group. Bank requisites for payment at any branch of any bank on the Russian territory can be downloaded here or seen on our site.
  • Each philanthropist receives a colorful Certificate confirming the fact of planting of a tree in Erets Israel. All Certificates are nominal, i.e. each bears data on who, when and on what occasion planted a tree in Erets Israel. The occasions can be most different: birthday, wedding, holiday, in memory of someone etc.
  • All Certificates bear individual numbers. Presence of the number, a round stamp, date of delivery and the signature of the Fund director is obligatory.